Annual Notices

State and Federal regulations, as well as some district policies, require the district to annually post certain notifications to the public. Many of these notifications are distributed several ways, including print. We also provide a number of the common notifications here on the web, through the links below.

Click link above for the APR. In order to satisfy the requirements for reporting annual progress toward state and federal indicators, school districts and non-public schools in Iowa complete an Annual Progress Report (APR) due to the Iowa Department of Education by September 15 each year. APRs include information regarding academic proficiency, academic goals, dropouts, graduation rates, attendance rates, and post-secondary data.

AnchorStudent and Parent Handbooks

At the beginning of each year, students receive a copy of the student/parent handbook for their grade-level. Handbooks and school board policies are also posted on this website. Parents are strongly encouraged to review the handbook and policies of the Board of Education with their student so that both understand the regulations and expectations for students. Handbooks include important notices and information about policies which students and their parents are responsible for knowing and understanding. Ignorance of the contents of handbooks and the policies of the Board of Education excuses no one from complying with these regulations.

The following handbooks and curriculum guides outline parent and student responsibilities, procedures and student life in Carroll Community Schools. They are supplemental to the school board’s approved policies and procedures.

Carroll High School Student Handbook | Carroll Middle School Student Handbook l Fairview and Adams Elementary Handbook