Free and Reduced Meal Information

Existing households in the school district received a direct mailing last week, July 19th and 20th with a printed copy of the ‘17-18 Meal Assistance Application, it was printed on purple paper. If you were directly certified for meal assistance from the State of Iowa, you received a gold letter stating that information.

Registration is online, if you received the gold letter, your book fees will be waived once we receive the “green” waiver back that was mailed out to you with the gold letter. IF you DO NOT sign and return that green waiver, you will be billed for the book fees and driver’s ed fees, if applicable.

If you are going to fill out a meal assistance application, please do so and return back to us at the school in a timely manner so we can process your application and send your notification letter back out. After you receive our letter, you will know what to pay for book fees and lunch money.

Food Service personnel will be available on Tuesday, August 1st from Noon until 6:00 pm and again on Wednesday, August 2nd from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm if you need help with your application. Our office is located at Adams Elementary, 1026 N. Adams Street, Carroll, Iowa 51401.

If you have any questions please call Sara Anderson at 712-775-5012 or e-mail her at

Below is information pertaining to free and reduced meal information. Please, direct questions to Sara Anderson at or 712 -775-5012.