Lunch Menus


***PARENTS – If you HAVE NOT previously signed up for the meal program, please do, so we have an accurate count.  If you previously signed up, you don’t have to fill out the form again.

Meal Sign Up Form: Grab & Go Meals

For the safety of our staff preparing and distributing the Grab and Go meals, starting on Monday, April 6th please DO NOT have anyone sitting in the front passenger seat of your vehicle. The staff will drop your bags right inside your open window, side door, or tailgate. The governor is really pushing for people to stay home, so please don’t bring extra people in your vehicle unless you absolutely need to. With this we are trying to minimize the amount of contact our staff has with the public. If you are needing to open your side door, please pull all the way up to the final orange cone, put your vehicle in park and be ready for a staff member to quickly put the meals in your car so they can move onto the next. This will help speed up the pickup process. Thank you.


Menus can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Fairview Elementary  

March 30 through April 3      Grab and Go    Menu

Adams Elementary  

March 2020 Menu

Carroll Middle School  

March 2020 Menu

Carroll High School  

March 2020 Menu