students building with keva planks

The 3rd graders at Adams have been working with Keva Planks the CHS Foundation purchased for them in Ms. Flattery’s Art Class! The students are using their imagination to create cars, towers, structures, buildings, and car obstacle courses! Creating with blocks not only builds their fine motor, creativity, and social skills, but it also builds their skills in math, literacy, and spatial reasoning. 

Keva Planks are a teaching tool to bring out the students skills and to emphasize their strengths! Students are learning how to problem solve if the plank does not fit where the student was wishing and also develop skill in the area of design, representation, balance and stability. When building difficult structures, children can learn how to work together and problem solve as a team! When playing with their blocks, the third graders are able to build structures from their minds which shows their artistic and creative ability!