student project board game

Sixth grade students in Ms. Handlos’s homeroom read the book Danny the Champion of the World. In this story Danny, a child, grows up thinking all adults are perfect, but soon he learns that may not always be the case. After the students were done reading the book, they were given an option to make a sequel to the book. The sixth graders could make a board game based on the book, or make a movie trailer. The students will be presenting them to their class by showing the movie trailer to their class. They can also demonstrate their board game by playing it with classmates. Some students will also be reading the sequel to the book if they so choose to do that. All students will be graded on how well they relate their project to the topic of Danny the Champion of The World. Half of their grade will also come from how well they can explain their project of choice in an essay format. We are so excited to see how these projects turn out!