tyson lundstrom shooting a basketball

It's Day 2 of our Autism Acceptance Week Celebration. Today we celebrate by wearing tie-dye or rainbow clothing. We will also be spotlighting our "District's Hype Man," Tyson Lundstrom! Tyson's ability to make people smile as well as his love for the Tigers is unmatched by any other student at CHS! 

We had the chance to talk to Tyson's Mom, Kristin, who told us a little bit about Tyson's story. 

"If you can believe it Tyson was pretty much nonverbal until he was about 4 and still had very little to say. He was also very delayed in all motor skills which is another thing most people wouldn’t believe. He didn’t walk until he was over 18 months old. But we also had a really hard time getting a diagnosis because, this will also become as a big shock, he was very social! Most kids on the spectrum isolate themselves,  but not Tyson. He greeted everyone with big smiles and high fives. Sensory issues were also puzzling with Tyson because yes he hated loud noises but he also loved Kansas State sports and the marching band. Nothing made sense, but eventually at age 4 and a half he was diagnosed with Autism. 

Moving to Carroll was the best decision we ever made for our family. Tyson’s class and the classes all around him have embraced him like I could never put into words. The teachers, coaches, nurses, TAs, staff, and community love him like he is one of their own. They have included him in every activity he has ever wanted to be involved in. He is the baseball manager, football manager, plays basketball and soccer, plays trombone in the marching band, went to homecoming and I prom, the list goes on and on. I never have to worry about him. That is the most comforting thing for any parent, especially a parent of a special needs kid. If I could say anything I wish I could say thank you to each and every one of the adults and kids that have taken care of him over the years. The list would be extensive."

Coach Bissen interviewed Tyson this week to help you learn more about him! You'll love it, watch it here!

Tyson Lundstrom Interview