mrs bissen interviewing landon

Today is Day 4 of Autism Acceptance Week and students and staff are wearing RED to celebrate! Yesterday, our Tiger Vision Instructor, Chelsea Bissen, had the opportunity to sit down with 2nd grader Landon Christianson and talk to him about all his favorite things. Landon definitely has a future in Tiger Vision! He rocked his interview and even turned in the interview around asking Mrs. Bissen questions of his own! The 5 minute interview will surely make you smile! 

We want to thank Landon's Mom, Stephanie, who took some time to tell us more about Landon and his Autism diagnosis. 

"Landon is a 2nd grader at Fairview in Mrs. Hamilton’s class. He is also the most polite, caring, and inquisitive kid you will ever meet! He loves dinosaurs, legos, Minecraft, trains, and learning and understanding the mechanics and engineering of almost everything. He loves to tell you facts and information about things he learns, and he has a lot of them! He also wants to be a “tank warrior” when he grows up (wants to operate a tank in the US military). 

When Landon was a baby we noticed a few delays in various areas and wasn’t sure if it was age-related or something else, but as he got older these delays became more noticeable (restricted diet/ social skills & speech/ emotional skills like smiling, or becoming very emotional/strict adherence to a routine/ walking on tip toes/ arm flapping, etc.). 

This prompted us to talk to his doctor and she recommended he be screened for autism; and at 2 years old he was diagnosed with Autism. 

From age 2 until now Landon has made tremendous progress! He previously struggled with speech, making connections with others, his diet, and transitions. He still has a few issues with his diet and transitioning, but has come so far! His teachers have always kept a great line of communication with me and accommodated the classroom and lessons for him over the years!"

Landon is such a fun kid to be around, which you will see from his interview below!

Landon Christianson Spotlight