cupcake wars champions

Before Mrs. Helmich's senior Food and Nutrition students leave for the year, she likes to do a fun project called "Cupcake Wars," emulating a popular TV show.  The students have a lot of fun competing against each other while also meeting the following FCS Standards 8.3: Demonstrate industry standards in selecting, using, and maintaining food production and food service equipment and 8.5.10: Prepare breads, baked goods and desserts using safe handling and professional preparation techniques.  

A special thanks to those staff members who volunteered to be judges and eat sooo much sugar!!  Class judges were: Miss Ergenbright, Mrs. O'Leary, Mr. Murray, Mrs. Raymond, and Mr. Skillen.  Championship judges were: Mr. Nagl and Mr. McGill.  

Judges were asked to score cupcakes on five criteria:

1. Bite-ability (Cake to frosting ratio)

2. Frosting (Flavor, type, texture)

3. Cake (Moistness, flavor, texture)

4. Presentation (Are they eye-appealing?)

5. Theme (Cupcakes/decorations go with the theme)

There are three class periods of Food & Nutrition II.  Winners were chosen for each class period and then a Grand Prize Winner was chosen from the three winners.

Grand Prize Winners:  Kloee Jones, Taelyn Wiederen, Andrea Hackfort, and Macie Schlesner.  Winning Theme: Halloween and Winning Cupcake: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Period 3 Winners: Trinity Nepper, Yaretzy Silva, James McGuire, and Zach Gehling.  Winning theme: The Beach and winning cupcake: White frosting on a Confetti Cupcake.

Period 8 Winners: Paige Potthoff, Macie Kennebeck, Brynn Bowman, and Karsyn Lampe.  Winning theme: The Farm and winning cupcake: White frosting on a vanilla cupcake.