mrs schulz in tiger vision room

We want to take a minute to welcome and introduce our new Tiger Vision instructor, Mrs. Kelli Schulz. Mrs. Schulz has been employed at CCSD for 16 years. She has served as a business instructor and Technology Integrationist for the district. She also coaches Freshman Volleyball. She is married to CHS Alumni, Nick Schulz and together they have a four-year old son, Jack.

Fun Fact: Mrs. Schulz was Mrs. Bissen's mentor when she started at CHS 10 years ago. Together they built the Tiger Vision program through their interest in helping kids succeed both in and out of the classroom setting.

With this transition, please be patient as Mrs. Schulz learns her new role. She has already been in the classroom, met with students, and has great ideas for the future! 

The Tiger Shop will be closed for the summer and will open again in August.  Please help us in welcoming Mrs. Schulz to her new role at CCSD! Go Tigers!