mrs. cote and jeff halbur

Jeff Halbur is a retired community member that wanted to help build the CHS STEM program as he is already doing at the library. Jeff came in to Mrs. Cote's STEM classroom whenever he was needed to help with the coding and wiring of projects. He helped by showing students simple programs to be able to utilize in their final projects, which were mini golf holes that had to incorporate coding. Each lesson they did prior to the project was to give the students a basis on how to find codes, set them up, and use them in their projects. He taught Mrs. Cote a lot about some of the equipment that they have and really gave the students his undivided attention when they were trying to troubleshoot what they wanted to incorporate into their projects. He thoroughly enjoys this type of work and is willing to help out when he can.  Thank you Jeff for all you've done for the CHS STEM Program this year!