Mission, Vision, Values

The Carroll Community School District has a new mission statement, vision, and core values to drive its work in ensuring students have the resources, skills, and opportunities they need to thrive.

The district’s new mission is: Inspiring Learning and Excellence for All.

The new vision is: Carroll Community School District inspires excellence in learning to prepare all students for success.

The district’s core values are:

  • Teaching: Learning every day

  • Inclusivity: Welcoming everyone 

  • Growth: Improving ourselves 

  • Excellence: Striving to be our academic best

  • Respect: Choosing kindness            

  • Safety: Caring for each other     

Common threads throughout these three concepts are inclusivity and an emphasis on excellence. The district is striving toward a renewed focus on promoting acceptance of all students, of all abilities, and of all backgrounds. This commitment empowers students to achieve their full academic and personal potential.

Students, staff, and families will begin to see these themes reflected throughout the district’s schools on a daily basis. The district’s website will also be updated soon.