Alternate Routes

With the rural routes in our district and winter weather upon us, it's important for families, particularly those outside of the City of Carroll, to review our Alternate Bus Route plan.  

Alternate bus routes can and will be used in the Carroll Community School District this year.  Consequently it is necessary to review the Alternate Route Plan.  Below are highlights of the plan, but the full plan can be found at this link.

Alternate Bus Route Plan:

  • Students outside the City of Carroll who transfer in one of the outlying towns must find their own transportation (parents, neighbors, etc.) to their morning transfer point.  

  • Buses will meet students in the outlying towns at the usual transfer point and time and take them to their school of attendance.  

  • The buses will not stop at any rural residence between the outlying town and the attendance centers.  

  • Buses will stop at the assigned stops within the city limits of all of the outlying towns in the district.  

  • In the afternoon students are taken back to their transfer point or assigned stops in the outlying town from where they will get their own transportation home.  

  • CCSD asks that the private transportation be at the pick up point on or before the time listed in the plan. 

  • Students on the following (rural routes that do not make transfers in outlying towns) need to get rides all the way to and from their attendance center:  

  • #32 southwest of Carroll 

  • #18 north and northeast of Carroll 

  • #5 southeast and south of Carroll

  • Students who ride bus #2 and live in a rural area will meet their bus at their transfer point.

Stops and routes within the City of Carroll are made as usual.

HOW - An announcement will be made over KCIM (1380 AM),  KKRL (93.7 F.M.) and KIKD (106.7 FM) radio stations by 6:00-6:15 A.M. on days that the buses will use Alternate Routes for a normal start time.  If KCIM/KKRL/KKID are off the air, parents and students are to tune to WHO-13 or KCCI – TV for information.  We will also notify through social media and the voice/text/email notifications we use for weather related announcements.

WHY - There are times when the weather conditions allow school to be in session even though conditions on gravel roads dictate that no buses should be running and stopping on them.  In addition, visibility may be limited to the point no buses should be stopping on hard surface roads in the country.  The word “stopping” is key.  Buses will not stop on gravel roads because they will not use these roads during Alternate Routes.  For safety reasons, neither will buses stop on hard surface roads when they are in route.

DRIVER’S RESPONSIBILITY - In the A.M. drivers will proceed directly to transfer points in the small towns.  From transfer points students are taken to their attendance center.  In the P.M. students are taken from their attendance center to the transfer point.  Drivers will ensure that all students have appropriate personal transportation home from the transfer point before leaving the small town.  At no time are stops made to pick up or drop off students at any point in the country regardless of weather and road conditions.  Stops and routes within the City of Carroll are made as usual.

NOON ROUTES.  In town Carroll noon routes for Preschool students run as usual.  There are a limited number of rural students taken home or picked up at noon.  Buses will provide service for these students from/to transfer points in the small towns at times listed below.  Students with daycare or living in the small towns will receive door-to-door service as usual.